Healthy Meridian or Obstructed Meridian:

The etheric body, being part of your spirit body, is the template for the physical body.  Much of the energy you need for the physical body is supplied by way of chakras and the meridian lines throughout your etheric body.  These meridian lines reach from your toes to the end of your fingers or top of your head.  Each set of meridian lines is connected to a specific organ of your body.  Each organ functions at a different vibrational frequency.

Many negative emotions, which are also of different vibrational frequencies, if not allowed to pass through your bodies, will find their lodgement within fields of related frequencies within your physical body and organs.  Such negative emotion, being those calibrating under 200 on Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, may lodge anywhere in the bodies, typically on the meridian line of the related organ to which it relates to and was attracted to.

Such slow vibrating negative emotion is a plasmatic magnetic energy ball.  It can grow and grow by being fed the same fuel coming from a continuation of the same emotional injury.  This stuck ball of energy will restrict the movement of needed energy flow along the meridian.  This will result in discomfort, then pain, and then may manifest in illness in the organ or in aspects or regions of the body related to that organ.

Allopathic / western medicine treats the symptoms, however the cause remains held in the bodies resulting in a further or similar health issue or a reoccurrence.