PASCAS CARE CENTRE – a PASCAS WorldCare facility:


  • Is a paradigm evolutionary shift in health care and health management.
  • Has melded the most effective health care modalities from Western (allopathy) medicine with complementary therapies.
  • Has sourced scientific evidence of the capabilities of selected complementary therapies.
  • Has shifted from drug dependency medical platforms to natural based formulated solutions.
  • Has gained the support of many highly capable health care practitioners from various parts of the world.
  • Has available lower cost health care solutions that are appropriate for both the industrialized world as well as remote and emerging communities.

The objective, from within PASCAS WorldCare, is to treat the cause much more so than just treat the symptoms.  Re-occurrence of many illnesses is due to the non-treatment of the cause.

PASCAS CARE CENTRE melds Allopathy with energy medicine, nutrition and relaxation, whilst introducing technologies that have been successful in assisting patients with life threatening health episodes such as cancer, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, etc.

PASCAS HEALTH is centred in the form of PASCAS CARE CENTRES with regional support to be available from major facilities referred to as a PASCAS HEALTH SANCTUARY which entails a major hospital with research and clinical support for the linked Centres.  Further public education facilities are to be in the form of PASCAS PARKS – parks for humanity.

PASCAS CARE CENTRE accreditation and quality control assures the veracity and efficacy of all health modules and medical platforms.

PASCAS CARE CENTRES are to be established throughout 40 countries over the next five to ten years.

Goals of Pascas WorldCare are lead by our desire to:

Treat the cause rather than the symptoms, this is the focus of Pascas Care.

People look for miracles to cure disease which is ONLY the removal of the effect of the emotion.

Further stated policy, Pascas Care – Kids of the World:

The greatest gift for our children that we could possibly

provide is to enable for them to grow up without fear.

“Peace And Spirit Creating Alternative Solutions”